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I've put together a set of resources that should be helpful to our students and other interested visitors. Most of these resources are helpful in understanding the material presented in the courses in which I teach, others are just sites of friends and colleagues.

Neurobiology Resources

    WebVision - U Utah. This a beautifully put together online textbook on vision. It started off focusing on retinal biology, but has since been expanded to include many aspects of the neurobiology of vision.
    Visual field lesions - Wash U interactive. For those studying clinical neurobiology, this is a nice catalog and description of many visual field lesions. Some, but not all, are covered in our medical neurobiology course.
    Neuroanatomy lab and neurological exam - Temple University. This is a well laid out set of course resources that include information on the neuro exam, neuroanatomy labs, and neurodevelopment.
    Whole Brain Digital atlas - MRI and PET atlas of normal and diseased brains.
    Cranial Nerves Crossword Puzzle. A little bit of fun with cranial nerves.

Physician Resources

    NetDoc - This is one of the fastest growing and very complete physician resource sites. It has and excellent physician jobs search tool and free practice management tools.
    Medical News - a regularly updated medical news feed that covers high-impact papers in the clinical literature.

Medical Student and USMLE Resources

Premed and MCAT Resources

    MCAT Prep - general resources for the MCAT
    MCAT score and Medical School Search - this lets students compare their MCAT scores and GPA with the average scores accepted by different medical schools. Gives you a general idea of how competitve your scores are.
    MCAT and Pre-med Forum - this is an active, well-moderated forum for premeds and those interested in applying to medical school. Many topics cover MCAT prep.

LSAT and Law School information

    LSAT Prep - general resources for the LSAT
    LSAT score and Law School Search - a lot like the mcat score tool, this lets students compare their grades and LSAT to what law schools are looking for.
    LSAT Forum - a forum moderated by lawyers who offer suggestions and advice for LSAT prep and getting into law school
    LegalNut - this really is a law students best friend. They list thousands of course outlines from law schools around the country, and access is free.

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